Exactly What I Want

I'm 19, a sophomore at Centenary College and not really sure where my life is going. I am Catholic and my faith means more than anything to me, along with my friends.

A few weeks ago I was reconnected with an old friend from high school and I think I have finally (hopefully) found someone that I can see myself with. She is so funny, and awkward and chill. She is smart and loves math. We used to watch Glee and Disney movies and just talk all night instead of studying for finals, and now we pick up those old conversations like no time has passed. Even if this goes no where, I am just happy to have her back in my life. 

I’ve realized that even though no one actually reads what I write, tumblr makes things feel a little better.

I love the hypocritical country we live in. Example #143

"I believe strongly in a separation of church and state but I am still going to use my religion as a reason as to why it should be illegal for gays to marry"

I don’t understand people man!

Why is everyone in my family fucking psychotic!! I do nothing but clean this bitches house all day and take care of her kid, yet she still thinks its ok to be an ass to me from the second she walks in from work. UGH! I don’t have time to deal with her fucking bullshit constantly! 

My life is pretty fucking grand right now!

I may not have gotten the guy, but I did get a new best friend out of all of this! I bonded with some people that I never thought twice about talking to in the past! I am having the time of my life just living! I’m genuinely happy for the first time in a really long time!  


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21 days down, only 3 more to go

and I may go insane! I ballsed up and told him how I felt, like 14 days into the 24. Not really an intelligent move considering the fact that I still had so much longer to go. But I keep breathing and moving and hoping and praying that everything will be fine when he gets back this weekend.

I am having a fun summer, working as a live in nanny. I really hope to keep doing this with my summers, maybe even in an amazing place like New York one day. Oh my dreams.